Google Web Story Update

Google Web Story feature helps you to Get More Traffic to the Website.
Google gave six reasons why they will exclude web stories and block it from showing in the search results. Web stories are described as snackable content by Google.

See below Six reasons that Google Block your Web Stories form showing in Search Results.

• Copyrighted Content
If your Web Story infringes on someone else’s copyright, Google may block it from appearing in search results.

• Too Many Words or Too Much Video Content
Google Not allowed heavy text. Google Don’t Allow the majority of pages has more than 180 words.

• Low-Quality Images and Video
Google banned Low-Quality Image & Video, where they negatively affect the viewer experience.

• Lack of Narrative
Google Don’t Allow Web stories Which Have Missing Structures from page to page.

• Incomplete Stories
Google Don’t allows Incomplete stories Which Required user to click and drive traffic to other websites or apps to get further information.

• Overly Commercial Web Story
Affiliate marketing and display ads are allowed in web stories If the content of the web story is commercial.